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How do I know if it needs sharpening?

As soon as you need to start applying more than necessary pressure and the finish is not sufficient.

How long does it last after sharpening?

It all depends and how you look after it and the frequency of use. All in all is used correctly will last 35% longer than standard from new.

Is it cost effective?

It is always cheaper to sharpen an item rather than purchase of replacement item.

How long does it take?

Everything is done in-house, depending on the item it can be done while you wait. What we recommend is that you phone us to enable to provide a more accurate timeframe for you.

How is it done?

All items are done on CNC machines or done by skilled hands and trained eye of an experienced Saw Doctor as we recognise no two jobs that come through our doors are the same.

Can you do custom work?

Yes we can!